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Why did American approval of Silicon Valley's big technology companies fall by 21% from 2022 to 2019?
Only 21%?Man, people must not be paying attention.Some of this is normal and expected, I accept the entire premise here:Hype Cycle Research MethodologyWe are in the “trough of disillusionment” where all of the things we were excited about are now showing some of the built in defects. This is precisely what happens in dating and establishing a relationship, but on a macro-economic scale between us individuals and large conglomerates.But before I put my cards on the table, let me make two things really clear:We are just barely coming out of the one of the biggest, most cataclysmic shakeups in all of civilization: the invention of instant communications through the internet. For those of you who know your history, to put this into perspective, the entire world turned upside down after the Guttenberg printing press was invented. And that only helped the very few literate people. After that, the Enlightenment went into full swing.Given my point above, we are literally in the very beginning of a fundamental revolution of how lives are lived. No one knows what will happen next, but suddenly, everything is possible.My point is that there is a much larger, fundamental shift happening, and google, as big as it is, or apple, are just minor details in this unfolding story.Then we have a real problem, and some examples off the top of my head, 2 bourbons into the evening:Google won't work with the US military, but will work with the Chinese governmentGoogle fired a biologist for political discussion in a company forum that encouraged political opinion for his political opinionFacebook is mired in controversy after controversy in some of the most nefarious cultural espionage that has ever taken place. Just recently they paid a 5 billion fine that was so inconsequential, their stock price went upElizabeth Holmes and her 9 billion dollar swindle in a DNA startupThere are now regular news stories about how stunningly greedy and morally bankrupt tech companies are.Remember that the google and facebook business model is to give people free services so that they can sell those people’s private information to huge global companies. That is their entire business model. Prositution is more moral - prostitutes pra service that has a start and an end and a set price. Everything is above board, yet it is illegal. For google, facebook, and nearly all social sites, the user is the product, and the customers are massive companies.Facebook is turning out regular billionaires. Look at the immense and shocking wealth being created right now:${Instrument_CompanyName} ${Instrument_Ric} Insider Trading | Reuters.comThe guy who started WhatsApp, he was cashing out, 2 years ago, several hundred million dollars every month.What happens to this wealth? Nothing you’ll ever see. Tech companies, such as facebook, are actually headquartered in slums. The Bay Area is one of the least charitable regions in the country, and exists in one of the highest poverty rate states with some of the lowest educational scores.Go ahead and read about what rich tech people do with their money:The Gentry 50They give to PBS, NPR, hospitals, the arts, animals, politics. Anything but poor people. (I’m talking about Silicon Valley, not Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos).So there’s that. And it sucks.But then for some people it gets even worse. Im talking about the lowest form of life in America: Republicans.I just backspaced over a list of jokes. Might be time to wrap this up, or put down the bourbon.Jack Dorsey discusses the leftism of tech in an amazing 4 hour conversation with Joe Rogan (listen on your next flight or long drive).But all conservatives, libertarians, and other vile forms of life knows that youtube, twitter, google, all of them, actively combat them, secretly, in the ongoing culture wars. Some of it is shockingly distasteful, and the examples abound. New examples come up daily, and you wouldn’t know about any of it if you’re not one of the vile conservatives.You can get a hint of it if you read up on this:Trans Woman Says Anyone Who Refuses to Wax Her Balls Is 'Forcing Their Beliefs on Society'Jessica Yaniv is a transgendered woman who has destroyed a number of immigrant businesses because they wouldn’t wax her testicles. This is so amazing, you have to read up on it. She was able to ban Lindsey Shepard from twitter because of her contacts at that company. Why do I bring it up here? Because Jessica is a techie and is an awesome example of the militancy of silicon valley. Indeed, the people who told upper google management that they would quit if google didn’t fire James Demore were men in transition. If the republicans ever wonder what’s going on, well, their rhetoric from 30 years ago is what’s going on: they created a class of homosexuals and transgendered people that are absolutely filled with hate for anything remotely conservative. And these people, rejected culturally, took to computers and became obscenely skilled. They are, after antifa, the front line soldiers waging an intense and ongoing war against white men, married people, the nuclear family, and above all: vile republicans.So lets sum this up in order of large to small:There is a natural recoil with any new technologyThings are going to get a lot worse before they get betterThe tech elite appear to be uncomfortably greedy, shallow, and with no track record of charityThere are billion of dollars being made and going to a very select club of a few dozen white liberal menTech is generally very political with a very quiet and active front against anything deemed politically unacceptable
What date can I start to file my taxes in 2019?
The IRS will begin accepting taxes on January 28th; however, you can file now to get a partial advance of an anticipated refund if you qualify.
When is the last date to file income tax returns for the years 2014-2015?
For Individuals & HUF , Due dates are 31st July 2015However it has been extended to 31st August 2015For Companies -30th Sept
When is the last to file income tax return for the year 2015-2016?
In case a person missed the July 31 deadline, he was allowed to file a late income tax return within two financial years from the end of the relevant tax year.Last date for filing returns for an individual is usually 31 Jul of the assessment year but many times it gets extended. So last date for filing returns for FY 2015-16 which is AY 2016-17 was 5 Aug 2016.Filing ITR after the due date is called belated return. It can be filed before the end of the relevant assessment year or before completion of the assessment, If an individual misses the deadline of August 5, 2022 for filing return pertaining to FY 2015-16 (AY 2016-17), he can file a belated return by March 31, 2018If one missed the last date for filing returns, one can still file returns till 31st Mar of the Assessment year . So one can still file for returns for FY 2015-16 which is AY 2016-17 till 31st Mar 2017.If one misses the 31 March AY deadline as well, they can still file their return by 31 March of the next assessment year. However, this will be treated as a belated return. i,e for FY 2015-16 which is AY 2016-17 one can still file Belated return from 1 Apr-2022 to 31-Mar-2018.But Budget 2022 has proposed a change and the window for filing late return has been reduced from two years to one year.This new rule will be applicable from April 2022. meaning that for the financial year starting April 2022. you will be able to file late income tax return by March 2022. instead of March 2022 earlier.Our article Filing Income Tax Return after Due Date: Belated return discusses how to file Belated Returns or return after due date.
If I e-file my taxes at the end of January (2022), when should I expect to receive my refund as a direct deposit?
For most people it takes between 10 and 21 days for the IRS to release a refund. If you have the refund direct deposited your bank can hold the funds for an additional 3-5 business days before they release them to you.All of this is dependent on when the IRS accepts your return. You can usually expect this within 24 hours of e-filing, although early in the year there are occasional delays, and sometimes a return is held because it includes a form that has not yet been approved for e-filing (this sometimes happens when Congress passes a late-session tax break).
I'm a app/game developer and graphic designer, should I buy a 2022 21.5" iMac, buy an iMac Pro, or wait for 2022 to see if there's a new one?
Waiting is always an option. The iMac Pro is very expensive but also very fast.A modular Mac Pro is in the works. The Mac Pro is being redesigned for 2022 and Apple has been listening to feedback. The new Mac Mini 2022 proves they are actually listening. The iMacs are due for a refresh soon. I suspect they are next to receive the T2 coprocessor. I wouldn’t buy an iMac just yet.That being said, the current iMac Pro is the fastest most powerful Mac available today. Many developers are finding it to be a productivity boost. If it receives a refresh it might be a CPU minor bump. But it’s unlikely to be refreshed yearly.Waiting means you are happy enough with what you have now. Waiting always results in improved performance. It’s a matter of balancing need vs. want and cost vs. bang for the buck. But if you need something right now and the iMac Pro fits your needs, then go for it. You would not regret the purchase unless your personal workload would not benefit much.Depending on the type of game development you may benefit from an iMac Pro and some Mac Mini’s to act as a compile farm. If it takes a long time to compile your App you can improve that by getting 4+ Mac Mini’s w/10GbE and a 10GbE 8 port switch for the iMac Pro + Mini’s. Xcode can use the mini’s to compile faster. The 10GbE network would speed that along. Requires CAT6 cabling.But if your code compiles quickly it would only compile a bit faster. So it all depends on your workload. The iMac Pro can be a waste of money if your workload doesn’t come close to benefiting from all that horsepower. It could be your code compiled before the iMac Pro even reaches top performance. It would be like a Ferrari only ever being used in quarter mile sprints. Never reaching its full potential. It will certainly be faster but if your code only takes a few minutes, the iMac Pro might cut the time in half. But if it takes 30+ minutes you could reduce that considerably with an iMac Pro and maybe more by adding a Mac Mini compile farm. If you are frequently compiling that could change everything.Without a whole lot more detail I cannot really say what the most reasonable path for you to take would be. My approach has always been a measured one. One where the results must justify the cost. I would benchmark my workload then I would take my source code project to an Apple store and get a sales rep to install Xcode on an iMac Pro and then test compile it. Compare the results. Same goes for the graphic art work. Run some complex time consuming process on your current gear then again in the Apple store to see how much benefit you would gain.
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