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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who needs 2015-2022 VA 21-0958

Instructions and Help about Who needs 2015-2022 VA 21-0958

Hey veterans Brian Reese here the va claims insider coming at you live from Austin Texas and man this I'm all fired up when I did this video and the reason I'm fired up is because we see this happen a lot at va claims insider okay and what I'm talking about today is you've had a compensation and pension exam and it sucked all right you had a bad C&P examiner you didn't realize what you were walking into you weren't prepared whatever the situation was you had a bad C&P exam and you're really really worried that it's gonna affect your rating your final outcome your compensation your benefits for you and your family and I'm gonna step through this because there's some things as fellow vets that you need to do immediately okay if you get a bad scene PE exam there's some steps you need to take right away to protect yourself and your family okay so do me a favor as well like this video share it far and wide there's nobody talking about this stuff and this makes me so angry I mean literally it makes my blood boil for you guys and as a fellow veteran and so I want all veterans to be armed with the information you need to make an informed decision and to punch back if you get a bad C&P exam okay Brian Reese here be a claims insider again Air Force service-disabled that feel free to check out our website there va claims insider com we've got a ton of free resources for you guys and gals to help you out so don't sit there and be stuck and frustrated if you got a bad CMP exam don't think that there's nothing you can do because there is okay you just have to take action okay so what the heck is a CMP exam okay it's short for compensation and pension okay CMP exam so all this means is it's nothing more than an in-person exam or it should be an in-person medical examination so after you filed your VA disability claim whether you've done it through an accredited VSO whether you file that yourself now chances are in fact you know like 90 8% of the time okay you're gonna be contacted either by somebody at the VA a VSR a veteran's service representative or a private company okay there's about four of them right now that have large contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs and they then source private doctors to conduct one or more compensation and pension exams okay now in the past these used to only be done by VA doctors all right well what was happening is thousands hundreds of thousands millions of claims at one time were backlogged because of the CMP exam right there was only a certain number of VA doctors that could perform these exams so veterans were waiting years to get their exams their compensation.


What is VA form 22?
Use VA Form 22-1990e if your spouse or parent has transferred Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits to you, and you need to apply for a Transfer of Entitlement (TOE).
Why did the VA send me Form 21 0538?
VA Form 21-0538 is used to request certification of the status of dependents for whom additional compensation is being paid to veterans. Without this information, continued entitlement to the benefits for dependents could not be determined.
What medical conditions qualify for VA disability?
You may be able to get VA disability benefits for conditions such as. Chronic (long-lasting) back pain resulting in a current diagnosed back disability. Breathing problems resulting from a current lung condition or lung disease. Severe hearing loss. Scar tissue. Loss of range of motion (problems moving your body) Ulcers.
What is VA form 21 0781a used for?
Use VA Form 21-0781a if you've been diagnosed with PTSD related to or because of personal assault, and you want to apply for related benefits or services.
How often VA reevaluate ratings?
VA usually reevaluates veterans' service-connected disabilities on two occasions. Six months after leaving military service; and. Between two and five years from the date of the decision to grant VA disability benefits.
Can the VA take away your rating?
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can take away your disability rating if it determines you received your rating fraudulently, or if it determines it made a clear and unmistakable error when issuing your rating.
What is a form 2122?
Use VA Form 21-22 when you want to have a Veterans Service Organization (VSO) help you with VA benefits or claims.
What is VA Form 21 22a used for?
A VA Form 21-22a is known as an Appointment of Individual as Claimant's Representative form. It will be used by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. This form is necessary to recognize someone as a representative of a veteran who has a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs.
How do I revoke my VA form 21 22?
This authorization will remain in effect until the earlier of the following events. (1) I revoke this authorization by filing a written revocation with VA; or (2) I revoke the appointment of the individual named in Item 14A, either by explicit revocation or the appointment of another representative.
How hard is it to get 100% rating from the VA?
As you might expect, it is difficult to obtain a 100% VA disability rating with just one service-connected disability. Most veterans who receive a 100% rating have two or more disabling conditions. Often, these conditions have a secondary service connection.
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