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How to complete any 2015-2022 VA 21-0958 online:

  1. On the site with all the document, click on Begin immediately along with complete for the editor.
  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sample va letter of disagreement template

Instructions and Help about Sample va letter of disagreement template

Hello out there this is the Irate veteran coming at you with another video any veterans out there who are having any problems or have questions on this video or have questions on any of my videos shoot me an email at my VA madness gmail address and I'll be happy to provide any advice or answer any questions that you have that being said let's move on today I am going to talk about statements and the importance of statements you should always always provide a statement in support of your claim or claims right always you want to explain the logic behind why your disabilities are due to service and why it should be service-connected right so because I already tell you people at the VA they have a problem putting together logic they're really bad at figuring things out so it's best that you lead them to the proper conclusion by pointing out all the facts and circumstances surrounding your disability I help them write they need it really badly right so anyway statements really have two components that you have to ensure you maintain throughout your statement one is competency and basically all that is is are you qualified to say the things you're saying right certainly things that you're recalling from your memory things you felt things you've observed you're of course qualified to do that but you're certainly not qualified to make a medical diagnosis unless you happen to be a doctor and of course let's say you were a medic of course there's a certain level of competency in the medical field there that you may be able to say more than a regular just layperson right in other words everything is going to be based on if you're competent to report it your education training experience right so whole point here is to be competent you have to be qualified to say what you're saying right so credibility that's a gauge or an assessment of your truthfulness and your memory right you want to make sure that in your statement you don't contradict yourself right even and you may have multiple statements in four different claims right those are all a matter of record if one statement conflicts with another statement as far as you know the things you've said you know it's it's going to call all your statements into question right so you have to make sure when you write these statements I would even have your other statements you know in front of you so make sure that you maintain your credibility by ensuring you don't contradict yourself right because it's easy to do if you don't remember what you said before because you know it's not like you're gonna remember every single date right I mean you're gonna have to refresh your memory right get on to your other statements and ensure you don't put something in your statement that's going to make it look like you.

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