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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing va notice of disagreement sample letter

Instructions and Help about va notice of disagreement sample letter

Music hello and welcome to the Helen Ponton veterans video blog I'm Matthew Hill I'm Carol Ponton and today we want to talk about a question we get all the time and that is how do I get 100% rating and we just see vets who are frustrated either they have a single disability - trying to get up to a hundred percent or they have multiple disabilities that are combining together the thing about the VA rating system is that it's counterintuitive let's say it's not one plus one equals two you know it's 10% plus 10% equals 19% and the closer you get to a hundred percent your ratings combined the harder it is to get on a person you know we we have a veteran who came to us and had a 90 percent rating and then got a 40 percent rating on top of that well the way the VA map works that actually only equals ninety four percent so the four percent is you know goes away and the veteran rams down to ninety nine to ninety so it is really hard but we have some thoughts on on what you could do well first of all a lot of times veterans will have say they have a back problem and they are getting compensation for the back but not the radiculopathy or they could have and radiculopathy is pain loss of sensation loss of muscle tissue down either leg or both legs and veterans don't realize you can get ratings very high ratings for each leg and that will bring you up the other thing you what if there's incontinence with there's a reptile dysfunction there are a lot of things that can go with just the one problem that they have including depression a lot of times people are very depressed because the back limits him so much inability to work or to do other things so that's the first thing or have you filed everything you should file in connection with your claims and these are for people on both sides but if you are working that's your option that's what you have to do if you're not working you make sure you filed the unemployability because once you file that they have to consider whether the disabilities that you have keep you from working and if they do they'll grant you a hundred percent under unemployability yeah so you know going back to the back you see this a lot with some of the bigger disabilities back diabetes I think heart TBI particular but it'll be the main disability they'll have a rating port it mm-hmm Parkinson's is a huge one but then there's all the the problems that it causes and those can be higher ratings you know at the back pretty common rating unfortunately is a 20% a veteran of the 20% rating to me has a very severe back problem but it's almost easier to get a