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You ever see those get rich quick schemes?Or how about those workout programs like P90X that broke ground with “Muscle Confusion?”I saw one the other day, “Gain 15lbs of muscle in 30 days!”What’s one thing they all have in common, they’re scams.They’re all created by people who want to take your hard earned money.Only a fool thinks:You can get rich overnightMuscle confusion is 100% real[1]You can get a mind blowing physique in 30 daysAll those are targeted at people who want to cheat, people who want the quick way out or the on demand, instant gratfication.If you’re impatient about building an incredible physique, always wondering how long takes, let me put this way:IT TAKES YEARS.Years of showing up at the gym, eating the right amount of foods and enjoying the process.There isn’t an exact science as to how fast you can gain muscle but there’s speculation from some of the top bodybuilding coaches in the world.1)How Fast Can You Build Muscle?The most popular chart comes from Lyle McDonald:Like anything, there are caveats that affect how fast we grow:GeneticsBone structureMetabolismEffective/Ineffective TrainingProper/Poor DietFrom anecdotal experience, you can pack on 15–20lbs worth of muscle within your first year.Whoa. 20lbs!?Yeah, but don’t get too excited.Those are “new guy gains”.After the first year, you’re body decreases the rate at which you can gain muscle until you’ve reached your Natural Potential.Natural potential is the maximum amount of muscle you can grow without performance enhancing drugs.2) Why Do We Hit Our Natural Potential?You might have thought if you work hard, anything is possible.This is true but to a certain extent.Our bodies have something called Myostatin.Myostatin is secreted by your cells to regulate and prevent further growth of muscle[2].Scientists are now testing myostatin inhibitors which show freakishly promising results in animals and in the future, maybe humans.[freakishly muscular cow injected with myostatin inhibitors]Muscle protein synthesis also slows down after years of training.3) Is The Time Spent Training Worth It?Only If you like:Looking GoodImproved ConfidenceUn-spoken RespectBone Crushing strength“Nahhh, ain’t for me”, said no one ever.RecapBuilding an impressive physique takes yearsMyostatin prevents us from growingStick with it, don’t dwell on the speed of resultsAnd….if you haven’t already, be sure to smash that follow buttonP.S. If you’re looking for a new workout, feel free to try this Optimized Push Pull Legs Routine-Nicholas Charles5+ years of bodybuilding experienceFootnotes[1] ‘Muscle Confusion• Is Mostly a Myth[2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc...
How long does it take to actually see weight loss?
I lost around 26kg (nearly 60 pounds) in something like 16 months, I got my weight stabilized (no more big variations) during the 18th month.I started from 113kg (250 pounds) and I’m now at 87kg (191 pounds).It could have been faster but that wasn’t my plan. I’ve always thought that loosing weight is a state of mind. Once you’re in the weight loss process, it doesn’t matter how long it will take.I tried many things because I did not want to face reality: my feeding habits/my lifestyle was not good. It wasn’t the worst (I’ve always eat a lot of vegetables and other healthy stuff) but it wasn’t good enough (especially alcohol, sugar habits and junk food).You’ll read all over the Internet (and here too) stories about how to loose fat, to loose weight, to get six-pack, • but you’ll have to find your way.You’ll finally find out that you cannot be on a diet and, once at the wanted weight, get back to your former feeding habits.You’ll finally find out that sport will not make you loose weight, it will help for sure (especially at the beginning) but it won’t make you fit or as fit as you wish.You’ll finally figure out that you need to change your lifestyle.That’s why it took me so long, it was a journey.Sometimes it was frustrating: “Why the hell ain’t it loosing weight, I fu• run 100km per week.”.Sometimes, it was really encouraging: “Look, we start to see my abs below the fat.”.Weight loss is a journey and you need to find your own path.
Does DMAE work for apathy and lack of motivation? If yes, how long does it take to notice the effects?
It can. It might. If it works, you'd likely notice the effect in 6-48 hours, assuming that you took enough. The dosage for DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) varies strongly with age; a dose of 50 mg is likely too much for a child, and a dose of 500 mg may be insufficient for an octogenarian.The dosage for DMAE also varies with cholinergic tone. I'm naturally (constitutionally) cholinergically dominant, so the standard 131 mg was too much when I was younger than 50. But if your apathy is partially cholinergic, you might need quite a bit more.One of the signs of cholinergic tone is muscle tension. Cholinergically dominant people have high muscle tone. Check the muscles at the base of your neck, where they connect diagonally to your shoulders. If it is tense, tight and hard, you are cholinergically dominant. If it is soft and pliable, you may be cholinergically low.Apathy can be dopaminergic and serotonergic, too.Here's my designer-brain illustration from my exploration of serotonergic and dopaminergic agents back in the 80s and 90s:  It was part of my presentation for the 2022 Bulletproof Biohacking Conference.
How long does it take to make up after a disagreement with your spouse?
Depending on the nature of the fight: forgetting to get eggs vs forgetting to pickup the child from daycare, healing process will vary.No offense to others, I am talking about my own experience here: I always tell people that I have 2 kids, one is 5 and the other one is 45.So, I usually take transgressions with an eyeroll and a rush to fix it: situations, if and when they reach me, are in a some state of disrepair and the only thing on my mind would be to fix it first; and then, depending on how much use there will be out me shouting (there is none), I would just let this go.I am not a violent person (both physically and verbally), and it's tough to rattle me - not that my family is not giving it a fair try every now and when.Still, to answer the question, the shortest time would be length of the phrase, "Really?"The median time, I would say is a phrase, "You've got to be kidding me!"And the longest time is about 10 minutes - that's when the daycare threatened to call Child Services.
How long does it take to get noticeable biceps?
I wanted to be snarky and tell you to look at your arms and you’ll notice biceps because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to move your arm in a variety of ways, but I figured I’ll give you a real answer instead.Timelines are completely dependent upon multiple variables. You have to be conscious of your diet, your training style, training habits, training age, as well as the condition of your overall health.Growing appreciable biceps is a fairly simple matter, but it’s far from easy. The biggest problem that most people will face is that the biceps are a relatively small muscle group and as such don’t really want to grow. The big problem that most new trainees face is that they try to put too much emphasis on curling exercises to grow their biceps that they overlook the large compound movements that will prgreater bang for buck in terms of overall hormone release and hypertrophy stimulus.Now, all that said, if you’re looking to grow your biceps, I’m going to tell you to do something that seems very counter-intuitive: train your legs 3–4 times per week and almost completely ignore arm isolation training.Stay with me for a minute, and follow along. There are several things that trigger hypertrophy in the body: muscle tension, muscle damage and metabolic stress. You can probably illicit decent muscular tension and damage through biceps isolation work, but you’re going to have a really hard time creating any significant degree of metabolic stress with these movements.Here’s what you should do:Day 1: Squats and BackDay 2: Squats and PressingDay 3: Squats and Back plus armsDay 4: Squats and LegsEvery workout you will squat, you want to do enough volume to illicit hormone release so that your body is in an anabolic state as you continue the workout. You’re going to do 2 days of back exercises, the reason being that the vast majority of back exercise will also prsignificant stress to the biceps which will help with overall development.You’ll only do arm isolation work on one day a week, and you’ll only perform one exercise. I prefer barbell curls or dumbbell curl variations, but that’s just me. On this exercise you’re going to work to a heavy set of 8–10 reps and then drop 10% and do an all out set, then drop another 10% and do another all out set.If you can follow this style of programming for several months, while eating in a caloric surplus you’ll most likely see significant growth in your biceps.Also, don’t forget the caloric surplus. You’re trying to make your body bigger, so accept that you’re going to be putting on weight, and probably adding some girth to your midsection. It’s all part of the process, and serves to help you get stronger, which will help you build more muscle.
How long does it take to notice the belly of a pregnant women?
That can be different for everyone, It depends on the size of her, what number child, and also what she wears. I could wear loose fitting clothes that hid my belly until I was close to being 6 months pregnant..but I didnt have a big belly to begin with. I began to develop a baby “bump" around 4 months each time..however some people didnt even know if I was pregnant or just gaining weight because I could hide it with loose tops and I was small to start. It was unquestionable once I got to 6 months. So everyone is different but hopefully my answer helps somehow :)
How long does it take for transgender women to develop full breasts?
Some quick facts: Estrtends to help the development of a woman’s shape from the waist down. Progesterone mainly helps the breasts, and most doctors wrongfully see it as being the “optional” hormone.Also, people like to say YMMV (your mileage may vary) to describe the unpredictable results people tend to get with hormones.What YMMV really is, are the levels of HGH that tend to taper off quickly after you turn 18. Throw in progesterone if you like, but it will be much more difficult to reach full development once you are past that point. So if you’re before that point, I’d say 2 years tops. After that point it can be anywhere from 2–6 years but often times it will not reach the final stage of development.
How long does a VA claim take?
Could I be kind? If ‘time immemorial• trended on Twitter than you would see a lot of Twitter posts from an endless array of people all saying something that meant something to somebody out there about how ‘long• time immemorial would last, what they would do about it in the ‘meantime• but with no ‘end• in sight, to time immemorial right?Now take that thought and apply it to a VA claim which a former member of the U.S. Armed Forces makes with the Department of Veterans Affairs for injuries and/or illnesses the member suffered while serving on active duty, or suffered in increasing intensity after active service was completed, before the member finally realized that some of his post-service illnesses which seem to have ‘cropped up• again to have a direct impact on his ability to work well or even function mentally on an even keel in civilian society; or, even mild injuries or illnesses like sprained wrists, strained backs, trick knees, hairline fractures, or respiratory problems, sleep problems, elevated blood pressure, thyroid symptoms, which he dealt with best by suffering in silence for the most part while on active duty, he now must deal with more stringently as he is taking on more unique problems as a civilian than perhaps he ever did as a military member, and the stress is getting to him to do something about his dilemma.Now as a civilian and perhaps as a husband and father, he cannot ignore or trivialize symptoms and surgery recommendations from his doctor, he needs help and advice and be proactive about what he must do.He then has a feeling he must do something about it all and get help from medical providers, and think things over with his family or friends before visiting his friendly local veteran service officer downtown.He has a long way to go before that claim is really complete and a final decision rendered as to compensation, because it is far beyond just processing a claim, but denials, missed-steps, mishandling, re-processed, re-handled, re-done, appealed, re-appealed at multiple levels, or even strange disappearance of paperwork submitted when given to veteran service officers or after mailing to claim handlers at the regional office.You can never lose hope though. Eventually, even if it takes years or years off your life in the process, your ‘claim• will make its way through the Regional Office you submitted. Your claim could eventually wind up at an officer in Washington D.C. where a special appeals process awaits you administered by a specially trained judge in veterans claims who has too many thousands of cases to get to your case any time soon.I can’t go into a lot of the rules about how the VA does things because they tend to work the rules in their favor and often you get bad advice from the people you are counting on to assist or represent you in your claim.It is possible that your claim can go through all the hoops more quickly than the typical experience of say 3 to 4 years before resolution, your get your ‘award• and even ‘back compensation• if there are no more appeals and no more claims on your part.Within a year or two you may actually attain a decent rating for your service-connected illnesses or injuries and be satisfied with the outcome and the award, but that is the exception and not the rule.The main thing is to take care of your health and do your best to limit your stress especially the stress caused by going through multiple layers of paperwork and filings with the VA, not to mention the exams and re-exams, and confusing specter of letters explaining things to you sent from the VA which you are at a loss to really understand.If you find you cannot trust someone like a veteran service officer to work your claim efficiently, you can do it yourself which is difficult understandably. Some people find the only way to get it done without as much worry and trouble is to a hire an attorney which will cost you when the final determination is made, but may be worth it when you compare the cost of the stress you would face otherwise.
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