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How long does an appeal to the VA take?
It depends on many, many, factors. I wish I could give a straight answer, but perhaps I can give some insight into how the VA appeals process works.Here's the thing, once your claim is filed and denied and you decide to appeal it there are many stages that it must go through until finalization.First, you must decide if you would like a traditional review or Decision Review Officer (DRO) review. A traditional review is selected by default if you don't elect anything. A traditional review means that all evidence previously provided will be reviewed for errors, however, A previous decision can not be reversed merely by a review of evidence on record if there was no error in the original ruling. A DRO review will allow for new evidence to be submitted by the claimant in order to provide a new decision. I tell you this because it takes a lot of time. It can take days and days for just one record to be reviewed completely and accurately. It's a process that cannot be rushed. Now, imagine that each office has thousands of appeals pending at any given time. It is difficult for us to open just one appeal and decide how long it will take, now we're talking about estimating how long it will take given the thousands of appeals pending (can you see how it is difficult to estimate how long it will take?). Typically this process takes 1-2 years, however. If your appeal is not granted at this stage, then you'll have to file a form 9 to continue your appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) in Washington, DC. This is when the process becomes really time consuming. The appeal may either be denied or approved by BVA or sent back to the regional office for additional development of evidence. There's no way to tell how long this process will take, but it's typically 3-5 years based on current backlog. If your appeal is denied by BVA, it can again be appealed to the Court of Veterans Appeals (COVA). This is typically the last station for your appeal. Your appeal may either be granted, denied, or sent back to the regional office for further development for evidence. I've seen this process take 5-7 years and up to 20 years.
How long does UK immigration appeal take?
Once you have decided to go to appeal, you will have either 10 days (if your refusal was in the U.K.) or 28 days (if your refusal was outside the U.K.) in order to lodge the appeal. Lodging the appeal means sending an appeal form and grounds of appeal to the court here in the U.K. It is very important that the grounds of appeal are drafted by an adviser as these cannot be changed later. The other decision that will be made at this stage is whether to opt for a court hearing or an appeal on the papers. Your adviser will advise you as to which option is better in your particular case. You must ask an immigration lawyer's assistance that represent your complex visa application process to avoid taking so much time.
How long does it take to resolve a Quora appeal? Are we notified about the result of our appeals?
My answer got 100K views and then i was put into this invisibility cloak. How sad and then no one has responded. I have re-formatted the answer but nothing has changed.The stats are gone and I dont see the answer showing up. People and friends have shared the answer but I am afraid, a quick and popular answer has been pulled out like this.I dont see anything wrong with the answer. I have written 200 other answers and have written books. To put my answer as ill-formatted is sad.Parag Paul's answer to What are some most important unspoken rules in life?Edit 2: (Day 2)So it was marked as cannot be appealed now. I dont know what to do next. I have sent them a whole list of items regarding what they asked for in policies and how my answer did not invalidate in any of them. There should be some explanationEdit 3; (Day 3): No response yet. In the mean time, I am answering all other questions. My mind is still stuck there as to the mysterious Bermuda triangle of Quora Triage where my 100K answer is languishingEdit 4: Quora moderators are completely quiet on a seemingly super start answer that hit 100K in 24 hours. This is sad.;"How long does it take Facebook to reactivate a disabled account?"
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