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How long does an appeal to the VA take?
It depends on many, many, factors. I wish I could give a straight answer, but perhaps I can give some insight into how the VA appeals process works.Here's the thing, once your claim is filed and denied and you decide to appeal it there are many stages that it must go through until finalization.First, you must decide if you would like a traditional review or Decision Review Officer (DRO) review. A traditional review is selected by default if you don't elect anything. A traditional review means that all evidence previously provided will be reviewed for errors, however, A previous decision can not be remerely by a review of evidence on record if there was no error in the original ruling. A DRO review will allow for new evidence to be submitted by the claimant in order to pra new decision. I tell you this because it takes a lot of time. It can take days and days for just one record to be reviewed completely and accurately. It's a process that cannot be rushed. Now, imagine that each office has thousands of appeals pending at any given time. It is difficult for us to open just one appeal and decide how long it will take, now we're talking about estimating how long it will take given the thousands of appeals pending (can you see how it is difficult to ehow long it will take?). Typically this process takes 1-2 years, however. If your appeal is not granted at this stage, then you'll have to file a form 9 to continue your appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) in Washington, DC. This is when the process becomes really time consuming. The appeal may either be denied or approved by BVA or sent back to the regional office for additional development of evidence. There's no way to tell how long this process will take, but it's typically 3-5 years based on current backlog. If your appeal is denied by BVA, it can again be appealed to the Court of Veterans Appeals (COVA). This is typically the last station for your appeal. Your appeal may either be granted, denied, or sent back to the regional office for further development for evidence. I've seen this process take 5-7 years and up to 20 years.
How long does it take AlphaGo to make a decision?
According to the paper published on Nature titled "Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search": http://www.nature.com/nature/jou... Note: this is just a very brief summary of the content in the paper, for detailed information and algorithm, please refer to the paper above.AlphaGo has three components:Policy Network: evaluate the current situation and predict the next step.Fast rollout: with the tradeoff of accuracy, improve the speed of making a decision.Value Network: evaluate the current situation and predict which side (white or black) will win.It then uses Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) to connect all three parts above and from a complete system.Policy Network:It uses the current situation on the board as input and predict the next move. It assigns a score to every possible move on the board and take the largest one as the next move. The policy network is trained using supervised learning (SL network) and reinforcement learning to improve  the network by policy gradient reinforcement learning (RL). It order to consider the speed (since there is a time limit) AlphaGo only used 192 filters instead of the highest 384 filters. With a stronger GPU, ALphaGo is believed to be stronger and have much higher accuracy.Fast Rollout:Policy network is usually slow but fast rollout is 1000 times faster. In order to use not waste the CPU while running the policy network, it is essential to use the fast rollout and wait for the policy network to return a better move.Go is played on a board of 19x19 with a huge huge number of possibilities. It is usually impossible to consider all possible outcomes (like in Chess). Therefore, it is impossible to evaluate the situation on the board without running the policy network. In AlphaGo, it is all done by simulation: simulate the play until one side wins and use that as an evaluation. There are a lot of factors being considered here. In order to have an accurate result, the policy network is slow and it needs fast rollout to make "regular" moves while waiting for better moves from policy network output. Instead of a deep neural network, the fast rollout function uses local pattern matching with logistic regression to predict the next move.The Fast rollout has a 2us (1x10^-6s) rollout speed and a 24.2% accuracy (the probability that its prediction is the same as the opponent's move).Whereas the policy network has a 2ms speed and a 57% accuracy.Value NetworkThe above table shows how 3 functionalities affect the strength of AlphaGo.SearchingThen AlphaGo combines the policy and value networks in a Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) algorithm:and select action/move by a look ahead search. At each split, the score is evaluated by 1) using the value network, and 2) running a fast rollout to the end of the game (simulation) and compute the winner.
How long does it take for a person to drown?
About fifteen years ago, I woke up feeling like hell ALL OVER. Then I realized that I was SERIOUSLY out of breath. I assumed that I must be having an asthma attack that was an order of magnitude worse than I had ever experienced. So I followed the standard advice for asthma attacks: Don’t Panic. Take a deep breath.I took a deep breath, and thought, “Damn, that air is cold and thick”. I started filling my lungs again, and suddenly realized that I was drawing in water, not air. At the point, PANIC! seemed like a good idea.It turned out that I was only a foot and half under water. Somebody had talked me into trying to do a triple front flip from a 3 meter spring board for the first time in my life. I tried to chicken out after 2, but ended up doing 2 1/4 rotations, and slapping the water so hard that I passed out from pain.But there were lessons to be learned.A) When in doubt, make sure that it is air you are about to breathe!B) Filling your lungs with water will not immediately render you unconscious. However, salt water will rip your lungs up pretty hard. SO:If you ever find yourself struggling to get to the surface in FRESH water, DO NOT let the overwhelming need to try to breathe get in the way of your swimming progress. Don’t fight your muscles. Let your lungs draw the water in. This will actually keep you conscious a little bit longer because the CO2 building up in your lungs will have somewhere to go, and you may even get a little bit of O2 out of the water.So a week after that event, I had to get back up on the horse to prove that I wasn’t afraid of it.I did a double gainer (facing forward, rotating backwards). But I came out maybe 15 degrees short, and the wave of water that washed up my chest shot Sunday afternoon public pool water deep into my sinuses. The sinuses got infected. A week later, the infection had moved into my lungs, and I was coughing up puss balls until I got some antibiotics. It was one of those infections where you aren’t really sure whether you are more afraid that the infection might kill you, or more afraid of the idea that it might take a long time to do so.Edit: Complaints that I did not answer the question. But I believe that I provided some valuable and closely related information that I was unaware of before this event: Drowning takes a good bit longer than however long it takes to fill up your lungs with water. So I believe that it can be useful to avoid excess panic over the misconception that the moment you draw in water it is all over.There were comments form people who did not understand my claim that the water may actually help you stay conscious a WEE bit longer. No, I did not claim that one could breathe water. But gasses DO diffuse into and out of water. So filling your lungs with fresh water will allow a tiny amount of CO2 and oxygen exchange. I cannot guess whether the extra time of consciousness provided would be at all significant. But inhaling water will certainly NOT render you unconscious faster in clean, fresh water. It seems logical that holding in the CO2 could though.
How long does a UK visa take after a refusal decision is overturned?
You’ll usually receive the result of the administrative review within 28 days.Ask for a visa administrative review
For VA benefits, how long does it take for the "preparation of notification" phase take before you know the decision?
“Preparation for Notification” is the step right after the decision on your claim has been authorized. From this point the process is automated. The only possible delays would come from either an error being caught or the authorizer not uploading the notification letter to the Package Manager, which sends the letter to a central printing facility for printing and mailing.Remember, the decision has already been made. If you’re due some money, it’ll hit the bank whether you get your letter or not. If everything was done correctly, you’re stuck blaming computers and USPS for any additional delay.
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