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How quickly can I get a DRO?
How long does a debt relief order take to process? Once you've provided all of the relevant information to the DRO approved intermediary, and paid your £90 fee, your intermediary will submit your DRO application to the Insolvency Service. They'll make a decision on your application within 10 working days.
What happens after a DRO is approved?
When your DRO is approved, you'll be added to the database. Your details will remain on the database for the duration of your DRO and three months after it has finished. This usually means that you'll be on the register for about 15 months.
What debts are excluded from a DRO?
Debts that are excluded from a DRO include. All student loans (old and new styles) Debts to the Child Maintenance Service. Social fund loans. Criminal fines (including debt incurred under the Proceeds of Crime Act) Claims against you for damage or personal injury. TV Licence arrears.
Do all debts have to be included in a DRO?
Not all debts are covered by a DRO. You'll still need to pay. magistrates court fines and confiscation orders relating to criminal activity.
How many DRO are refused?
How many DROs are rejected? Only a tiny number of DRO applications are rejected 13 less than one in three hundred applications.
Does a DRO clear council tax?
Debts covered by a DRO They include. credit cards, overdrafts and loans. arrears with rent, utility bills, telephone bills, council tax and income tax.
How many times can you apply for a debt relief order?
Once you have had a Debt Relief Order, you will not be able to apply for another one for the next six years. Technically, you can have as many Debt Relief Orders as you need (although you probably won't get them all accepted), but you can only have one Debt Relief Order within a six-year period.
How long does it take for a DRO to be approved?
How long does a DRO take to process? Once a DRO application is made, it'll take 12 months to process.
Why would a DRO be refused?
This may be because. you don't meet all the criteria for getting a DRO. you didn't provide further information when asked. the official receiver believes that you haven't been honest in your application.
What are the disadvantages of DRO?
Disadvantages of Debt Relief Orders There are tight income, asset and debt restrictions on who can apply for a DRO. If your circumstances change, you may still be required to repay your creditors. Your debt relief order will appear on your credit file for six years.
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