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What is the address of Amazon India where I can send a legal notice to Amazon?
As per evidence act, you may email your notice to cs-reply@amazon.in or to the CEO at jeff@amazon.com. No need to waste paper.
Where can I send a legal notice to Amazon?
See if this helps:Amit Aggarwal,Country Manager IndiaBrigade Gateway, 8th floor, 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleshwaram(W), Bangalore-560055,(Amazon India Registered Office Address)also browse:Legal Information
Could I send a notice to vacate 30 days before the end of the lease?
Though this is dependant on the specific laws in your jurisdiction, generally, your recourse is somewhat limited and will depend on whether there was a lease in place or whether it was a month-to-month tenancy.If there was a lease in place, the tenant is responsible for the rent until the lease expires or you rent out the apartment (keep in mind that most jurisdictions will make you mitigate damages so you will need to prove that you tried to rent out the apartment as soon as you could).If it was a month-to-month tenancy, your damages would be a full month’s rent, or, the pro-rated rent for the time the apartment was empty if it was less than a month (ex. if the tenant moves out on 3/30 without notice and you are able to rent out the apartment on 4/15, you would be able to sue for unpaid rent for the period that the apartment was empty).The caveat here is that unless the security deposit covers your losses, you will have to sue for the money and then collect.
How do I find out if a soldier is real? Where can I find the US Army records?
I have some remote knowledge about how fake soldiers (in general) operate.Basic KnowledgeThey should know basic concepts of being in the military, like what their identification cards and basic paperwork are called. They should also know what unit they’re in, what their MOS is officially called, and where they got their training.Try asking them “half-truths” and see how they respond. “Did you go to Fort Benning, California?”If they are a liar: They’ll just say yes (even after you affirm “Fort Benning in CALIFORNIA?”), or errs to the half-truth in its entirety.If they are not a liar: They’ll say no, or indicate where they come from, and optionally say “But isn’t Fort Benning in Georgia?”It’s been 10 years and I can still recite my Thai ROTC number.Dress and DemeanorUnlike Thai soldiers, quite a lot of US Soldiers do not wear uniforms off-base (or at least won’t wander too far out in uniform), and US Marines are not supposed to do so at all.While dressed, military members regardless of nation or branch are required to maintain their “military look.” That means no slouching or being “wrong” in their uniforms.Also, they don’t dress up all the time. While commissioned officers are authorized to wear uniforms as they see fit, those with dignity and integrity do so only when required by duty or when socially appropriate.There will also be fake soldiers who don’t know their medals, and wear either medals that are too old for them, too many medals that cannot be earned during the so small years of their fake careers, or medal choices that conflict, like fake marines wearing the Army rainbow. If you know just a bit which medals belong to which branch, and their rough order, you will know quickly if someone is properly dressed.Note that it’s legal (in the US) for someone to wear a coat or jacket of a Soldier, as long as he’s not claiming to be one.BraggartsIf their story is too glorious to be true, it probably is. 90% soldiers do not see combat, let alone those “Medal of Honor” or “Call of Duty” level of action.A lot of military work involves sitting on the dirt or something meaningless and waiting for something equally meaningless to happen.And if someone can call military food delicious, they’re either really lucky, don’t have a tongue, fake, already lost all purpose in life and finds anything enjoyable, or just had • a worse school food (like me). But at least they should be able to explain how • “dining” is like in the Army. It’s one of the things they do routinely but of course fakers don’t understand.But be warned: you need to be able to discriminate between “too much action it’s fake” and “too damn weird this cannot be faked or imagined by a human who hasn’t actually experienced it” stories.As far as I know, both US and Thai Marines have stories that are either 0 or 100: totally boring or totally unbelievable.Discounts and BenefitsAs far as I understand, military members verify themselves for military discounts by their cards, not uniform. It’s a red flag if someone tries to use only their uniform to get a discount or other benefits from you.Also, real US Soldiers are paid well and have allowances to cover life necessities. If they are wandering around asking for money, they’re either fake or fucked up their lives. Both cases do not warrant help from you.E-MailUS military members have .mil email addresses. Ask them to mail you from their military accounts.Also check e-mail headers (use “show original” or “show source” or “see full header” functions in your email apps) to see that the emails actually originate from a US military source. E-mail addresses can be faked. Most of the time, this kind of fakery is detected by Gmail and other e-mail systems, but better safe than sorry.RecordsUnless you have a reason to verify someone’s records, the US authorities probably won’t give them up.However, if you are a next of kin (your grandfather served in WWII and you need his papers for something), or you are HR looking to verify an applicant, you might be able to request information. I don’t know much about how America works in this case.
Where should I send a legal notice to recover the amount of a bounced cheque if we don't have the address of the person who issued the cheque?
In such Cheque Bounce case, you can do the following things-First of all you can ask for help from the bank in whose bank your cheque has been bounced and returned with a memo and consequently, ask for the details of the party. But, it seems that often the bank refused to give the details of the party.Secondly, if the bank refused to give then you can lodge FIR in the police station where the jurisdiction of your case comes under it.
When acquiring a new commercial property, what should be included in the notice to existing tenants? Where should I send rent payments, name of management company, etc.?
Such a notice should come from the former owner/landlord, informing all tenants that the property and all leases have been transferred to a new owner as of "X" date. The notice should give the name and address of the new owner/landlord and instruct that all payments are to be made to that party henceforth, etc.
When you answer a question on Quora and then it is "moved", why was it moved? Where is it moved to?
Answers are moved when a question you’ve answered is merged into another question that asks the same thing. Nothing is lost*; the answers just show up under the merged question, and anyone trying to access the old question is directed to the merged one.*If two questions that ask the same thing are merged, and you have already answered both of them, only the “better” of your answers will be displayed under the merged question.
Where can I get variety of chocolates and good service to send it?
The delicious treats chocolates come in all shapes and sizes . There is no dearth of varieties when it comes to chocolates; so you have a lot of options to choose from when sending chocolate by post. Expressgiftservice will provide you best options to send variety of chocolates on any special occasion or simply to cheer up the mood of someone.
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